About John Seemann

Hello – my name is John Seemann. I’m a Professional Coach and certified practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, and in the healing arts of Reiki and QiGong practicing in Buffalo Minnesota.  I utilize these skills to help you achieve your outcomes.

My background includes 31 years of sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous, over 30 years in technology as an electronics technician, 15 years in broadcast television and terrerstrial microwave and satellite transmission and I’ve been a small business owner since 1997.  I’ve developed a lot of database applications and ecommerce websites and I’ve repaired a lot of hardware. I adopted my father’s belief – “If a man created it, I can fix it!”.  This philosophy applies nicely to helping people since I think we create our own problems.

I found myself drawn to energy healing using Reiki and QiGong after my 30 year old son Dave, afflicted with childhood trauma and resulting alcoholism, ended his suffering on this earth February 23rd of 2015. This caused me to do a complete inventory of my life, my attitudes, my beliefs and behaviors, and my purpose for being – I’ve seen Shamans to do soul retrieval and done past life regression work as well.

As I look back on my life now in 2017, 2 years after Dave’s death, I realize I’ve caused myself a ton of unnecessary pain and suffering based upon beliefs that were created before I was able to filter the input – before 5 years of age. That’s where we’re imbued with “Right” and “Wrong” judgements and learned patterns of behavior that reflect our instinctual response states to surviving our environment.  If your parent or guardian wasn’t safe, it is highly likely a set of beliefs and resulting behaviors were created that lacked input you would definitely include today.  That’s where we start – at the beliefs stage.  Where would you like to end up?

I know with a conviction beyond all doubt that the biggest problem you and I have to deal with – in fact, almost the only problem we have to deal with – is choosing the right thoughts. If we can do that, we will be on the highroad to solving all our problems.” – Dale Carnegie

For assistance choosing your best right thoughts email: john@startlifeagain.com


“John guided me through a process to evaluate every area of my life and the insight I gained from answering the thought provoking questions was surprising! It motivated me to make changes from the moment I started my drive home. I left with a clear insight into who I am, what my values are, and what changes I need to make to have balance in each area of my life. And that was just the first session! I highly recommend John if you want some clarity or direction in your life.” – Janet Schlegel, Psychotherapist

“John Seemann’s life coaching techniques have made a difference in my life in multiple areas. He was able to key into what blocks me from being the person I wish to be and doing the things I want to do that I had formerly procrastinated about or avoided all together. The subconscious is a powerful tool that John is able to tap into in a uniquely personal way to move me towards a life that is more full, more purposeful, yet less chaotic. Simply by listening to the prepared
messages twice a day for a few minutes I feel like I am simply becoming “more me.” I feel like I am finally taking care of myself. I feel more self-assured.

I have more energy, more attainable goals, and my dreams now seem less like dreams and more like real potential. I highly recommend John to anyone interested in opening up to their world and their inner being to reach their true potential and be who they are called to be. ” – Angela Uzlik


More about John:

  • 8 with a 7 wing in the Enneagram (click to take the test to learn your type)
  • Astrology aspects: Sun Libra 7th, Ascendent Aries, moon Taurus 2nd, Mars Scorpio 6th, Venus Libra 7th, Saturn Aquarius 11th retro, Jupiter Aries 1st – find yours free here: http://www.astro.com/
  • I play guitar and love jazz/blues fusion.
  • Photographer since 1974 – Technical Consulting since 1981!
  • I fix nearly anything including clocks, cars, engines, machines, and I really appreciate good glue.
  • Believer in Good Orderly Direction. “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” -Albert Einstein



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