A cure for addiction, depression and anxiety using supplements?

If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. If diet is correct, medicine is of no need. – Ayurvedic Proverb

Cure is a powerful word, and an even more powerful outcome… are you suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression, mood problems in general? The Mood Cure (https://www.moodcure.com) and The Diet Cure (http://www.dietcure.com/) are two methods/books that may help you CURE your symptoms using over the counter supplements. It has helped countless people including me do the same without using anti-depressants.

Depression can ruin your life. If you have suffered from depression you understand how it erodes your relationships along with everything good in your life. Addiction is arguably a result of seeking a “mood fix”, yet alcohol and drugs only make the situation worse by messing up your natural chemical balance even further. Chronic alcohol use is a very destructive force when it comes to mood (aka serotonin and dopamine levels) and it will sneak up on you slowly degrading your thinking each time you drink. For the alcoholic – prison, insanity and death are the predicted outcomes. All of this can be fixed by getting the proper nutritional intake, which will boost your ability to abstain (significantly reduced cravings), balancing the body systems that have been missing these vitamins and nutrients.

Read The Mood Cure: https://www.moodcure.com

Diet – humanity has slowly depreciated our food sources by using chemical solutions to eliminate any competing flora (aka weeds) and pests. This creates much better looking vegetables, but they lack the nutritional profiles that organic farmed vegetables have. It’s arguably difficult if not impossible to get the vitamins and nutrients we need from food alone, regardless of how that food was farmed which is where the supplements industry comes in.

If you are overweight, addicted to sugar, caffeine, alcohol/drugs, feeling rotten, bloated, moody, sleepy, etc… read The Diet Cure!

Once our nutritional requirements are met we can begin to think more clearly and rationally about our situation, giving us a much better outcome. If you still struggle hypnosis and NLP can further assist you in changing those scripts that have you stuck where you’re at.

Of course all the well known advice for dealing with depression still holds – diet, exercise, meditation, socializing, and seeking your bliss are all necessary to maintain a healthy mind and body.

This isn’t medical advice – if you are struggling with depression/suicide thoughts see a doctor or therapist. Supplements aren’t going to resolve your relationship problems by themselves, but with the right nutritional input you may have enough courage and clear thinking to solve those problems by yourself, or with the help of your coach. Many of my most stubborn holdings have dropped away or been significantly reduced after getting my mood adjusted with supplements alone.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Science and Psychic Healing: Bill Bengston Nails It

This is an interesting article on the healing studies done by William Bengston PhD.

In order to Start Life Again, we sometimes must be healed of past hurts, wrongs and even possibly past life influences.  In my own life, I’ve been surprised by the outcomes – be it placebo or real – of some of the healing practices I’ve experienced, such as soul retrieval and energy healing .

Bengston’s research appears to show that religion and belief in the supernatural have nothing to do with it, however, attitude and intention on the part of the healer do!   The mice used in the studies were supposedly interested in good health, but were otherwise not talking about their beliefs in human healers.

Plenty of healers out there, but nobody’s talking about it.  We’re all healers!  Cancerous tumors appear to be the most easily removed with energy work, and it’s been proven over and over – intervention with energy healing can reverse many cancers and illness.   Plus, most of the time, you can find a QiGong class, or get attuned in Reiki at a community center, yoga center (like Saddha Yoga in Buffalo, MN) and many local gyms to learn how to heal yourself.

Of all the forms of psychic ability, including precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis, none is quite as ubiquitous, well known or well documented as psychic healing…

Source: Science and Psychic Healing: Bill Bengston Nails It | The Weiler Psi