Here are some links to resources and information I hope you find useful.

Self healing and self help information:

Energy healing amazing results – according to this article about William Bengston, PhD’s research and book “The Energy Cure – Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing”.

Reiki information:

National QiGong Association:

Great explanation of QiGong (and some fancy dance moves) in three parts:
Part 1)
Part 2)
Part 3)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT ) This physical tapping of points on the body has been used by several people I know to help them cope with anxiety, depression, clearing bad thoughts, and much more – simple and easy to learn :

Links to businesses near Buffalo, Minnesota:

Saddha Yoga in Buffalo Minnesota 55313: 

Soul Work Counselling in Champlin and other cities in Minnesota :

Datrona - Minnesota Technical Consulting
Datrona Provides Technical Consulting – Onsite and Online!
Pictrona is my professional photography business – contact John to inquire!  You can also Purchase a photo from Pictrona on